Saturday, 21 June 2008

I think I like this....

So there I was driving along the M27 navigating my way to The Edge Acoustic Club in Portsmouth and i was thinking "Why am I doing this?" "I could be sitting at home relaxing" I think that I am basically lazy, those who know me a chuckling I am sure as this is no news to them.

I've done this loads of times before in London. You make the effort to find the place, spend an age trying to park (if you actually find the dump!) stand around until the often surely yes SURLY pa dude deigns to grunt at you, you argue about where in the lineup you will play, eventually you plugin and address the assembled unwashed who totally ignore your heartfelt efforts. Having finished more gruffness from the now pissed pa dude who scoffs at your ridiculous request for some money and send you off feeling used and abused.

But not at The Edge. Having found the place (it's easy) I managed to park in the road opposite and walk the 50 feet or so to the Edge of the Wedge, it was right next to The Wedgewood Rooms. A lovely bright, airy bar. i got there a bit early but was soon joined by Aide (sorry if I've spelt that wrong) a nice chap who set up the P.A. in about 5 minutes, asked me when I fancied playing and then offered me a beer! I declined as drinking before I play has always been disastrous for me but nonetheless...

I decided to go on second, around 9.30 I think.

I haven't mentioned this but this was my first gig in years that Mrs Nick was not present at. She was away somewhere on a work thing, somewhere.
Our friend Lisa turned up sunny and full of beans as always. She's very close to celebrity status at the BBC now and in time I will have to link to her but I digress. 

I had to play all my loud bluesy numbers as there  was some kind of death metal band playing at The Wedgewood Rooms next door and there was a little, well a lot of thumping bleeding through the door. Anyhoo, it was all good! The sound was great, Aide gave me nice foldback (steady!) and the crowd were attentive and appreciative. I had a chat with a few of them afterwards and I appear to have gone down well.

Aide offered me another beer but as I was driving I declined and then gave me the princely sum of £10!!! I know this may seem to be a paltry sum to some of you dear readers but as some of you artists out there will verify money for acoustic live gigs of this type can be very rare especially for a London boy like myself.

So well done Beefy (he's the promoter) and Aide and the Edge of the Wedge. Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity and whetting my appetite for playing live.