Friday, 25 June 2010

About Bloody Time!!

Been in a slump this week, one of those downer weeks I may have written about before. I've had a permanent frown and a headache for about a week. Not a lot of fun to live with either, but I think I got away with it.

Years ago I used to do this thing called Re-Evaluting Co-Counselling, I think it's listen on a few cult sites and I suppose it is in a weird way. Some people take it too far, just like some Christians of Muslims, but perhaps I'm being too glib AND I digress. The reason I mention RCC is that they believes that if you are bothered by something and you don't know why, the reason is likely to be the first thing you think of. In my experience, they are right, try it sometime.

So, why was I in the grip of the "black eyed dog"? The first thought to come to mind was the Pure Acoustica evening I hosted last week. Two of the acts that had just performed, they where new to the concept and the audience may not have been as attentive as I might have liked so I said a few words explaining that the concept of Pure Acoustica takes a bit of getting used to not only for the audience but also the artists, hoping that this would connect with the artists that where new to this and would reassure them. However, someone in the crowd started to laugh and I ended up mumbling in my embarrassment before introducing the next act.

So, was that it? Not much is it? The rest of the night went well but it was that incident that had got to me. I had planned to chase up some leads in other pubs that had shown interest in hosting Pure Acoustica nights but I just didn't have it in me. As with these confidence thing, it's lifted thankfully..

Silly sod.....

Monday, 14 June 2010

Busy times

I often feel that I neglect this blog. I have others, three others but this one is just for my music. I think the fact that I don't use this one much is rather indicative of the fact that I don't push MY music enough.

I've spent the last few months working on my podcast and have had a great success,  finally finished Tom Caulfields brilliant album for my label Pure Acoustica Records.
I've also been working on Pure Acoustica , that also is starting to pick up and I'm stating it in a new venue this week.

A few weeks ago, after chatting to Matt Stevens, I started push my music and have had some great results especially with podcasters, ironic eh?

Bug cast and Made in the UK played my tracks this last weekend and there are more to come including some play on BBC local radio.

I am also planning an exciting development to the Vinyl project, remember that?

I'm also uploading my latest album plus some other stray tracks on to iTunes this week. I've actually been earning some money from iTunes, something I thought would never happen. It's not a fortune, enough for a few pints and enough to pay to get this new collection of songs up. That will make a total of about 37 tracks up for sale.

So now that Tom's album is finished, the podcast is looking after itself, Pure Acoustica has started again AND I've got plenty of gigs lined up for the summer now is the time to push these tunes of mine.

Come the autumn and winter I shall be writing another album or two and perhaps leave these tunes behind, but then again.......