Friday, 28 May 2010

Why Wait? pt2

Going back to my earlier post "Why Wait?" . Many of my friends waiting for something i.e. a new guitar, camera etc before they actualy do something. I'd like you to look again at this little video I made.
It doesn't look that great because it was shot using an old digital still camera, it doesn't sound great because it's just using the mic on said camera, there is the odd mistake on the playing but I thought "f*** it, I'll put it up anyway"

It's been up less than a week and has attracted just over 80 hits to date. Ok, it's not going to change the world but it has generated some lovely feedback. Perhaps the fact that it's an honest little piece, is why people like it? Who knows?

I think what it does illustrate is that we shouldn't put stumbling blocks in our way, shouldn't stop ourselves from doing something because we may not do it well. F*** it, just do it anyway. Perhaps you can do a better one next time.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Birthdays and hills

I have allways wanted to do a gig on my birthday and last week I was able to.
I played for Steve Lowis at his even called "Three Monkeys" at The Art House in Southampton.
There were actualy four of us monkeys who sat and played a song each before starting again at the first person. I hope that kind of makes sense.
It was an interesting way of playing and I think an interesting event for the audience who were very responsive. The Art House is a nice intimate space and I'd like to thank Steve for one of my favourite gigs ever. I played my usual fayre and included  my banjo tune "You treat me mean" at the end. As an experiment I handed out the words to the banjo tune and everyone sang along. Not the kind of thing I normally do at all but it was fitting for the night.

Last weekend Mrs Nick and I trecked up to the iron age fort at the top of Old Winchester Hill, fell asleep on a burial mound then I played this little tune that I made up on the spot.
I had in mind that Radiohead video podcast thing they did a while back. They had better equipment but I still think this works ok...  

Saturday, 8 May 2010


I like lists, it concentrates the mind and helps quite the constant chatter in my head "Must do this, remember that, have to call/email/meet up with ....
It is almost endless.

This is a small extract form my master list, there is more so much more...

My Music
Develope my music locally and beyond. Good quality, well attended and regular gigs.

Sell cds and downloads, consistently.

The Vinyl Project.
Use the money that has been donated so far, and record a live album at Pina Studios in London. I will perform this in front of an invited audience who will be present in the studio. They will all pay £10 and will receive a copy of the record that they were present at the recording of. People who have already donated will be invited but will not pay the £10.

Pure Acoustica

I want to expand the number of acts to include poets, story tellers, magicians ect. I think there is a great potential for bookings for niche weddings and parties. I also want to explore the concept of House Concerts. Develope to reflect what is going on eg gigs, Bristol, artists.
Expand the number of regular venues and publisize "The Pure Acoustica Brand" 

I also want to produce and arrange other bands and artists. I have a lot of experience with this, just need to publicize it more.

Pure Acoustica Records (record label)

Expand the number of artists. This simple way of recording is a cheep and effective way of showcasing an artists talent. I think the stripped down style can also be a great blueprint for future recording. Again it's also a niche.
Develope to reflect the label as well ast the artists.

So there is a small extract of a list I made two weeks ago. It has altered somewhat and there have been developments.

I hope to have some concrete news in the next few weeks.

This space? Watch it!