Saturday, 29 March 2008

Radio Radio

So once again the publicity machine that is Debbie and me spring into action.

I recorded a radio interview about two weeks ago and tomorrow it will be broadcast on the illustrious Original106 FM. 
I thought I would start my blog career at this point as I wanted to share what it's like waiting for some kind of recognition for work one has done.
I have put in the hard work, the writing of the music, working out the words or "lyrics" as us songwriters like to refer to them.
I've sat and recorded the songs, playing the same guitar part over and over again until I was finally happy with it. The guitar part for Life is a River took me a whole day, playing the same piece over again. Then, recording finished I work through the millions of effects. Which reverb to use? How much? This can take weeks of fiddling around until I get to the point when I think that I can do no more. Then the mix down, then mastering the song as a whole. The artwork for the album is also a painstaking event.
Which photographs? Which font? Sizing and resizing the images so that it all fits on the paper. Thankfully Debs does this for me. Otherwise the album would have the back of a cereal packet with "NIck TaNNs fing" scrawled in crayon slipped into it.
The album is then sent off (still with me? Good). Emails are sent to radio stations and then after a few months there's a response. There is a radio station that will play a track. let joy be unconfined! The next 2 months, thanks to carefully engineered please and requests, I get asked along to the studio to record an interview and to play a couple of songs.
After running through in my mind answers to possible questions, changing the songs I'm going to play, I finally get to the studio.
After a brief chat with Xan, I go into a tiny studio and play my 2 songs. They go well, I don't usually get nervous about playing thankfully. The interview  begins and I rattle on about transport links in the Southampton area. I kid you not,after all the work that we've put into the album, I start banging on about motor-ways. Still , I get the chance to talk about other stuff. I really need about half an hour but get cut short at around 10 minutes. He didn't ask any of the questions that I had anticipated but at least listeners will get to know how easy it is to get around Southampton. 
I won't tell you what I did say in the interview as I'm sure the majority of my yap will be edited out. But have a listen anyway. If you don't get a chance to listen to it live at it will be available as a pod-cast later.